Arlekin Players Theatre, led by founding Artistic Director Igor Golyak, is an award­-winning, artist­-driven company with a commitment to telling powerful stories on stage that resonate with audiences from different cultures, locally and internationally.

Founded in 2009, Arlekin Players Theatre was born to a group of immigrants who set out to create a brand new theatre in the new world, and created a space for artists to experiment and learn from each other without the pressures of commercial theater. Dance, spoken word, performance art and modern music arrangement harmoniously intertwine in our performances to create unique and memorable productions, allowing us to connect to viewers of different ages and backgrounds. Plays are performed in both English and Russian with English subtitles, thus making our art relevant not only to the Russian­ speaking community, but to a wide range of backgrounds and cultures. We strive to combine theatre, education and awareness to build closeness within the community. Apart from staging shows, the theatre also hosts events and workshops with special guest speakers about the arts, technique and heritage of Theatre.

Arlekin Players Theatre takes pride in placing great emphasis on self­-identity; as a Russian troupe of immigrants, we perform works that play on the ideas of cross­culture, home, and traditions, challenging the idea of nationality, and finding common themes that unite us all. Our approach has been widely acclaimed both nationally and internationally and the company has been awarded numerous honors, awards and recognitions. Invited to numerous times to perform on the world-famous stage of the Moscow Art Theatre, the company has also traveled to international festivals, and even represented the United States at the prestigious Mondial du Théâtre in Monaco, hosted by Prince Albert.

Mission Statement

The mission of Arlekin Players Theatre is twofold: 1) to enrich, educate and entertain the audience by adapting classical and contemporary Russian literature in a playful and thought provoking way; 2) to build meaningful connections between Russian and American cultures through shared human experience.